January 20, 2013

Spotlight: Super Kmart Center - Moon Township, PA

Store 4935 2000 Marketplace Blvd. Moon Township, PA.
Today we feature a Super Kmart Center that hasn't been downsized to a regular Kmart or closed down all together. It is located in Moon Township, Pennsylvania and was one of the first developments in the area between the city of Pittsburgh and the airport. It opened in November of 1994 and is 172,253 sq feet according to SHCrealty.com. It was strategically built to escape the high taxes of nearby areas. The area developed rapidly in the late 90's and into the early 2000's. Few other businesses decided to locate on Marketplace Blvd though.

Thank you for shopping Super Kmart Center instead of Walmart!
During it's first 8 years of operation this store did $250,000-$300,000 a day in sales. When Kmart went into bankruptcy in 2002, it was slated for closure along with numerous other Super Kmart Centers around the country. Luckily the store pulled through and stayed open, although it discontinued being open 24 hours for over a years time. Unfortunately sales declined year after year with only slight improvements during 2008-2010. Since 2010 sales have continued to decline again. 

The typical exterior design of a built from the ground up Super K.
According to a article in the Beaver County Times on November 10, 1994, this store opened with 28 checkout registers and 16 grocery aisles. It featured a full service auto center, hair salon, pharmacy, outdoor garden shop, one hour photo lab, florist, portrait studio, gourmet coffee and bakery kiosks,  and a full service restaurant. The grocery side of the store featured a butcher shop, bakery, deli, prepared food section, fresh produce, and fresh seafood.

Dairy department.
Unfortunately the features of this store have dwindled over time and the former auto center, restaurant, and arcade spaces are being rented out for other businesses to come in and operate. The auto center was closed in 2002, full service meat and seafood in 2003, the restaurant in 2004, Borics hair salon in 2011, bakery and deli operations were greatly reduced in 2012, the floral department was closed quite a while back, and the one hour photo lab is long gone also. In early 2012, this Super Kmart Center along with the 21 others remaining around the country had their hours reduced from being open 24 hours to 6am to 12am everyday. One thing promising for this store is that at the end of December 2012, it starting accepting WIC vouchers, the first Kmart store in the country to do so.

Service Desk with the Super Stars of Super K.

Team shop and former florist area.

The former restaurant seating area.
Another shot of the former restaurant seating area.

Newest Super Kmart Center logo, now pronounced Kmart Supercenter

And there you go another barely surviving Super Kmart Center, one of just a few remaining around the country. Should Kmart just give up completely on their remaining Supercenters or should they continue to let them hang on? Let us know in the comments below.

August 27, 2012

Spotlight: Kmart - Fort Pierce, FL

2111 S Federal Hwy Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Today we continue our streak of featuring Florida Kmart's submitted by our anonymous source. This one being located in Fort Pierce, FL. The difference with this location is it's an older and outdated store. It's 88,437 sq ft and opened on May 13, 1976, making it one of Kmart's older stores. This store is a former Grants department store location. This is one of the Kmart's that give the chain a bad name for being old, smelly, and cramped. At one time the store did have a large auto center, but it's now part of the toys department and backroom. There is no longer a pharmacy at this location, as it was removed about 10 years ago due to low sales volume. Mainly from a pharmacy being at the Winn-Dixie and CVS next door and also in the Publix close by. The store also had a Little Caesar's for a while. It was a franchisee leasing space within the store, not a Kmart run Little Caesars. Unfortunately Sears Holdings raised the rent and the franchisee left. The funny thing is he relocated in the shopping center a couple doors down from Kmart. It was cheaper to rent a space there in the center than being inside of Kmart. When it was inside Kmart, it had its own entrance from the outside of the store. That entrance is now boarded up and the area is used for layaway storage.

Former auto center, now a toys department.

Former Little Caesar's entrance.
This store is in a fairly busy shopping center with a Winn-Dixie grocery store on the other end. The store is located on a major highway with a large amount of low income households nearby, which fits the demographic for this store. There's no competition around, as in Walmarts or Targets. The closest Walmart is to the west. It's in a very busy section of town by Interstate 95, making traffic not worth going to it. Sales were really good at this store up until last year, having dropped about a million dollars less than the previous years. If sales don't increase this year, the store will more than likely be slated for closure. During Kmart's heyday, this was a corporate meeting store and district manager office for the central east coast of Florida, due to its location at the time. The store features a large conference room and store managers office.

Looking towards one end of the store.
You may have noticed in the first picture that the Big and yellow slash for the Big Kmart logo have been removed, with just the Kmart part of the logo remaining on the front of the building. There's a interesting story to that. Like a lot of Kmart locations, the paint was badly faded on the letters. At the time, the store manager sent an associate on the roof with a bucket of blue, red, and yellow paint to repaint it. After he repainted the logo, the results were awful. Just an FYI, you can't paint a hard plastic light up sign with just an off the shelf paint. The result was terrible chipping with chunks of paint falling off. The company decided to remove the Big and yellow swoosh part of the logo. They kept the Kmart part and resurfaced it. Because of removing only part of the logo, the Kmart part is not centered on the building and holes are still visible where the rest of the logo was. Now that's Kmart genius at its finest!

Looking towards the jewelry counter.
This store looks very rough on the inside and is a big departure from some of the nicer, remodeled Kmart we have featured on here recently. There's mismatched floor tile colors all over, mismatched looking ceiling tiles, old store areas boarded up, and just a general tired, depressing look. And there you have it, the Fort Pierce, FL Kmart. Enjoy the rest of the picture below and leave your comments on this store!

A very unappealing looking store.

Green tile? Was this left from when it was a Grant's?

Old electronics department sign, not many store still have this up/

Terribly mismatched floor tiles up an aisle.

Old wood boards on the wall.

90's garden center sign, from the Big Kmart era.

Former auto center, now toys department.

The ceiling of the old auto center.

Disgusting looking air vent.

Typical summer patio area.

The infamous coolers.

This store actually has a decent selection of dairy items.

Mismatched ceiling tiles.

What?! No long rows of florescent lights at this store?

You can definitely tell this wasn't a ground up Kmart because of the lights.

Green lines to go with the green tile.

Lock up case for air rifles.

The path to layaway and the restrooms.

Grey lines on top of green lines.

Possibly the former Little Caesars area.

Another shot of it from the side.

Baby department looking towards the clothing area.

Back wall of the baby area.

Mismatched Women/Men's fitting room signs.

Girls clothing looking towards front entrance.

Service desk with big focus on Western Union services.

Exit doors.

Left side of building.

Right side of building with old Little Caesars entrance.

Final shot of this Kmart store.