About Kmart World & Contributions

Kmart World was created to give everyone a look at different aspects of Kmart and Sears Holdings Corp. We offer Spotlights of specific stores, which include photos and information about that particular location. We also feature Special Reports on topics of interest and Case Studies which include commentary on recent Kmart and Sears Holdings headlines. Together all of these help to create a world of Kmart for you to immerse yourself in. Whether you are a fan or foe of Kmart, we welcome your comments on our posts. Although we are fans of Kmart, not everything we post is a praise for them. We will look at things with a critical eye towards improvement for the company. Kmart World is constantly evolving and improving so stick with us for new stories, photos, contests, and more!

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This site is no easy task to run and keep up, especially with very little revenue coming in from it. A lot of time and effort can go into the blog posts on this site. With that said, we here at Kmart World love contributions. If you have a suggestion for the site including Kmart stories, photos, news, or anything you think we should add to the site, submit it to us! You can email it to us here or like us on Facebook and add it to a discussion there. Note once you submit something to us that you own (photos, story, etc), you give us the right to reprint it/post it on our sites.

We appreciate any and all contributions regardless of which way you choose to do it!