July 18, 2012

Spotlight: Kmart - West Palm Beach, FL

4340 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Following in the vein of our last post, today we have another feature on a remodeled Kmart in Florida. This one again was submitted by our anonymous source and is located in West Palm Beach, FL. It was remodeled a few years ago and now has the orange and brown color scheme. We have mentioned the orange and brown remodel concept before on the site but have never featured pictures of one until today. This color scheme was in use between the multicolored scheme from the Kmart in our last post and the currently used red and white scheme. This store is 123,007 sq ft according to Sears Holdings Reality website, which puts it on the very high end for the size of a regular Kmart location. It has a Sears Auto Center, which was added in the old Penske automotive bays when the store was remodeled. It also has a large appliances area in the store. This store was included in the PDF that Kmart had on their website a couple years ago listing newly remodeled locations around the country.

Sears Auto Center inside Kmart.
Large Appliance department.
This Kmart is located in a large shopping center at the corner of a busy intersection of two major roads. Unfortunately though this store doesn't get very much business and has a high rent to pay, thus not generating much if any profit for the company. Not to mention a Super Target and Super Walmart are just down the road from this store, stealing most of the business away. It won't be surprising if this location ends up on one of the store closing lists soon.

Panty department with individual aisle signs.
There you have it a good looking, remodeled Kmart in a busy and nice area that gets hardly any business. What do you think about this store and the fate it might face in the near future? Enjoy the rest of the pictures and leave your comments below.