May 20, 2011

Spotlight: Big Kmart - Snellville, GA

Big Kmart - Snellville, GA May 2011.
 Today's spotlight is the Big Kmart in Snellville, GA. This is a very old Kmart located in a dying shopping center. As you can see from the picture above it wasn't very busy when I visited on a weekday afternoon. I originally visited this location and took a couple pictures of it in September 2008 (shown below.) A few things have changed since then including new shopping carts, the removal of the K Cafe and a few minor decorative changes.

Typical Kmart store entrance, The door striping is now red, it was blue when I visited in Sept. 2008.

Above was the picture taken in Sept. 2008. At the time you can see they were having a sidewalk sale. The carts they had were blue plastic, now they are grey and red metal (as pictured below.)

Kmart's new carts, that are being put in several stores. There are two sizes, the regular ones and a new mini cart (they are on the far right row of the picture.)
 I for one am happy to see Kmart at least invest in new carts. Most stores had several different colors and styles, not to mention that they were very old. Now if they would only makeover the rest of the store maybe we'd get somewhere.

The former location of the K Cafe, now just an area for putting pallets of specials.

 K Cafe pictured still in business when I visited the store in Sept. 2008. It used to feature Little Caesars pizza, but as you can see in the sign its blanked out.
K Cafe's seem to be disappearing from Kmart's at an increasing pace. I think Sears Holdings has something against food, as they are removing more Super Kmart Centers, K Cafe's, and continue to lag in their food selection at regular Kmart stores.

I could not get over how old this Pharmacy sign looked, a serious throwback.

Appliance area that was added a few years ago.

Electronics department, complete with missing signs on the wall.

One thing I will say about the electronics department during my visit was that there was an employee working in the department and she even asked me if I needed any help. I was impressed as most Kmarts its hard to find someone working in the electronics much less willing to help you.

Olan Mills Portrait Studio.
I found this Olan Mills very strange as it was out in the open in the middle of the store instead of being in a little room like they usually are. It leads me to believe it wasn't an original location and was added after the fact.

That about wraps up this spotlight feature, hope you enjoyed it. We've got plenty more to offer in the coming weeks including a former Super Kmart Center in NC that is now a regular Kmart/Sears Outlet combo store.  And as always leave your comments and thoughts about this store below.