August 21, 2009

Spotlight: Jacksonville, FL Kmarts

(Neptune Beach, FL)

Well its been a few weeks since the last update, sorry for the delay.
Jacksonville, FL is home to several Kmart locations, and today we are going to look at a couple of them.

First is located on the outskirts of Jacksonville in Neptune Beach, FL. This location was remodeled and expanded in the very early 2000's. Before that it was a very small and outdated store, complete with wood trim inside. Today, it looks like most regular Kmart inside, with nothing really special about it. It does not have a K Cafe or any restaurant inside. The side of the store has the former Auto Center bays, which are sometimes used for special sales and storage. Pictures were taken in September of 2007, location is still open today.

In the picture above you can see on the right where the store was expanded (the lighter colored roof part). [Image courtesy of Bing Maps]

Second location is on Beach Blvd. in the middle of Jacksonville, FL. This location I have visited since being a small child and can remember the old pre-1990 logo on the building and road sign. This Big Kmart lives up to its name, as its a very big store. It still has a K-Cafe in it, which was formerly a Little Caesars. At one time this location had a Kmart foods attached to the left of the store. It was then a craft store for many years and is currently vacant, Kmart occasionally uses the space for special sales. I'd like to know approximately what year this store was built, if anyone has an idea please post a comment. Unfortunately the pictures I took of this store are on my desktop computer which is currently broken.

On the far left is up until the first white line in the roof is where the Kmart foods was located and is currently vacant. The rest of it is Kmart, but as you can see it's a very large store. [Image courtesy of Bing Maps]

The last location was in Jacksonville Beach, FL. It closed in the mid-2000's to make way for a Home Depot. This was a nicer looking and well kept store inside. It also had a K-Cafe. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it before it closed or any history of the store.

[Image courtesy of Bing Maps]

That concludes today update. The next one will be very soon, not 2-3 weeks, I promise!