July 18, 2012

Spotlight: Kmart - West Palm Beach, FL

4340 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Following in the vein of our last post, today we have another feature on a remodeled Kmart in Florida. This one again was submitted by our anonymous source and is located in West Palm Beach, FL. It was remodeled a few years ago and now has the orange and brown color scheme. We have mentioned the orange and brown remodel concept before on the site but have never featured pictures of one until today. This color scheme was in use between the multicolored scheme from the Kmart in our last post and the currently used red and white scheme. This store is 123,007 sq ft according to Sears Holdings Reality website, which puts it on the very high end for the size of a regular Kmart location. It has a Sears Auto Center, which was added in the old Penske automotive bays when the store was remodeled. It also has a large appliances area in the store. This store was included in the PDF that Kmart had on their website a couple years ago listing newly remodeled locations around the country.

Sears Auto Center inside Kmart.
Large Appliance department.
This Kmart is located in a large shopping center at the corner of a busy intersection of two major roads. Unfortunately though this store doesn't get very much business and has a high rent to pay, thus not generating much if any profit for the company. Not to mention a Super Target and Super Walmart are just down the road from this store, stealing most of the business away. It won't be surprising if this location ends up on one of the store closing lists soon.

Panty department with individual aisle signs.
There you have it a good looking, remodeled Kmart in a busy and nice area that gets hardly any business. What do you think about this store and the fate it might face in the near future? Enjoy the rest of the pictures and leave your comments below.


  1. Pretty Stupid that they would remodel a store that gets no business honestly they should have remodeled a store that gets somewhat business like the kmart I work at on long Island. If they want to stay afloat their going to have to get more food in and more products and lower their god damn prices to get more customers. Also have to fix their logistics like when they get a product in for example the one I work at a item will go on sale on sunday by the end of the day the item is either out of stock or maybe like 2-3 of the item is in back and we won't get a shipment until about wedsenday, and also they got to fix the promblem where they have an item needed to be taken out of back and if it is taken out of back it is recorded and lastly they have to get through their heads how to pack a shelf they almost all the time overstock a shelf in the department I work in I don't stock the shelf just saying so don't blame me =)

  2. Does this Kmart still operate a K-Cafe? I am disappointed Kmart and Sears Holdings cannot remodel ALL Kmart and Super Kmart stores as a supermajority possess outdated signs and infrastructures (e.g. checkout machines, worn out and bumpy floors, outdated Kmart logos on the outside)

  3. Hello. Anon SHC employee here. No, there is no cafe anymore. It is a seasonal area or clearance area depending on business. This store has had another remodel kinda. They shrunk the appliance dept and removed the sears employee and register. The repositioned the all of hard-lines to give it the standard kmart layout. They also shrunk pantry down as well. Before they sold a large amount of Hispanic brands, Haitian foods and Jamaican foods. As well as removed two cooler sections. I will send more pics to paul when I visit them again.

  4. Nice store... but empty.

  5. Nice store (for a Kmart), perhaps they locked in the rent at a low rate a long time ago (grandfathered in?) and so it's profitable?

  6. Store opened in 1996. The pharmacy was closed shortly after the remodel. The rent is about 32k per month. I will be visiting the store again and will post additional images.

  7. oh forgot sales stuff
    Annual Sales For The Year 2011 $19,361,194.38
    Annual Sales For The Year 2010 $21,939,392.99
    Annual Sales For The Year 2009 $23,872,594.55

    Yes, so a big decline in 2 years. Unless 4million is not a big decline.

  8. I just stumbled across this site. I have been a Kmart shopper since the 1980s. The place is in need of some help for sure. The pictures here look ok to me. I get the feel of what the mart represents to me, Simple shopping for and with my family. I have to say I think what they are missing is the old stuff. Mainly the KMart name (Big K?) and the cafeteria, not a K Cafe. Lets be happy with who we are and not unhappy that we are not that K family that Sears sells!! When KMart realizes this then profitability will return, and THEY will be the trendsetters!!

  9. One thing that repulses a customer is the sight of unfriendly people with a K-Mart name plate on their breast pockets - smile fellow, you will gain more customers by just being friendly and smile a little more ...

  10. Whats with the fold up table with the Blue table cloth.It looks Tacky our Kmart has the same thing. That store would do well in our Town Kmart is all by themselves here.Our Kmart is and old Rinks Bargan City needs a Remodle but that would probably Double the Stores Business! Theres Smart And Then Theres Kmart Smart!

  11. its closing which shows KMART IS TOO FAR GONE!