July 4, 2009

Special Report: Kmart Smart Rewards Program

K'Ching, Kmart Smart Rewards Program is live and now available at select Kmart Stores. Upon finding out about this new program, I went to my local Kmart (which is one of the select stores) to check it out. My local Kmart had a table set up at the front of the store with applications and cards, they had signage above the registers and at the front of the store touting the benefits of being a member.

According to the Kmart Smart Rewards (KSR) site these are the perks of being a member-
What intrigued me the most was the "Kmart K'Ching Surprises", which are prizes you can get when you checkout with your KSR card. According to the web page, they could be as small as a pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to as big as a $7000 Kenmore Appliance package.

I have to say this program is a good start for Kmart as it can help build loyalty and return trips. Like I said at the beginning of the post, right now its only available in select stores. From the list they have, it looks as if they are just testing it in a few different states around the US to gauge interest.

I signed up online to get my KSR card, and received it within a couple weeks. I got one key tag card and one wallet card. After signing up for it I've gotten several emails from the KSR program. They have all offered free items or discounts with using my KSR card.

So, we'll see how this program works out and if it lasts to get rolled out to all Kmart stores. If the program is available for one of your local Kmart's I encourage you to sign up for it, as it seems to be worthwhile to join.


  1. I wish the cashiers would ask at the store when you check out if you have a rewards card I have made several purchases at both k-mart & sears but always forget about my rewards card can't find on line where you can enter your receipts if there is such a place could you e-mail it to me at karennarvais@hotmail.com thank you

  2. At the Kmart store near me, they asked if i want ed to sign up for the "Shop Your Own Way Rewards" program, and I did.

    At the Sears near me, before I signed up at Kmart, they just have you sign up at the website.

  3. me gusta comprar en kmart pero como {puedo redimir mis puntos que tengo acumulado} vivo en Hato rey y cada 2 semanas voy a kmart

  4. How I know the value of the points I earned in Kmart please I needed the answers as soon as possible but expired today

  5. please is that I had a health problem and I could not use the points or the ten dollars and it is to see if there is any way or way to recover them please 😢😭