June 19, 2016

Spotlight: Sears Grand - Las Vegas, NV

A day late and a Grand short...

Located at 4355 Grand Canyon Dr Las Vegas, NV 89147
Today we visit the Sears Grand in Las Vegas, NV. Opening on July 31, 2004 at 165,000 squre-feet, it was the third store to open as part of the Sears Grand concept. It was also the smallest ground up Sears Grand to open, the first one in West Jordan, Utah is 225,00 square-feet. For those of you who don't know, Sears Grand was developed and started by pre-Kmart merger Sears in 2003 as a ground up off mall hyper-mart type of store to compete with the likes of Walmart and Target. For more information about Sears Grand click here for a story we did on the Sears Grand concept all the way back in 2009.

When opening in addition to regular Sears merchandise, this store offered many items that you couldn't find in a typical Sears store. This store also had a Portrait studio, optical center, hearing aid center, outdoor garden center, full service auto center, key cutting, and large merchandise pickup area. Originally this store's hours were 8am-10pm, today its hours are 11am-9pm. Here's an article straight from Sears website on the opening of this Sears Grand location and an article here all about the store from the Las Vegas Sun.

These directories are posted all over the store at the price scanners.
Unfortunately today this and all remaining Sears Grand locations are a shell of their former selves. If you look at the directory above you can see some of the things a Sears Grand would have that a typical Sears didn't. Well Eddie Lampert decided that the Sears Grand concept wasn't working for him and reverted all Sears Grand locations to regular Sears locations with just a Grand name.

The looking at the directory here are the departments that are no longer offered in the store- cleaning supplies, pet supplies, lawn and garden (just patio furniture and grills still offered), garden center, paint, sporting goods (only bicycles still offered), toys, cds/dvds/gaming, window fashions (limited offering still), home decor, storage and closet, health and beauty, pantry, cards and party, books, portrait studio, and hearing aid center.

After reading that you're probably saying to yourself that's over half the store! And you would be correct, half the store was merchandise a typical Sears didn't carry and now this store doesn't carry. Things have been moved around in the store and now it has a very different layout than the directory which is from when the store opened.

Now the pet supplies/cleaning supplies/seasonal/lawn and garden area of the map just has patio furniture and grills. The lawn and garden area judging by old signs on the wall used to carry things like weed killer spray and fertilizer. The garden center is completely closed off and is used as storage for fixtures and supplies.

Signs on the wall for Ortho and Miracle Gro from the former lawn and garden area.

The sporting goods/toys area is now furniture which is a new department that wasn't offered when the store opened.

The paint area is now the fitness department and the fitness department is now more tools and bicycles.

The electronics department has been downsized by over half of what it used to be. Cds/dvds/gaming have all been phased out with the exception of a couple small displays of dvd's. The furniture department and vacuums take over some of the electronics department on the left side and clothing takes over some of the electronics department on the right side.

All kinds of signs on the wall for things that are no longer carried anymore.

The window fashions/bedding/storage and closet/bath areas of the map have all been taken over my the greatly expanded mattresses department.

The cookware/housewares area on the map is now dining room tables and other small furniture items.

Signs on the wall for the cooking department that was originally here,
The bath and home decor area on the map is now kitchen appliances and what I guess you would consider the cookware.

Signs on the wall to the left for the bath department that was originally here.

The health and beauty/pantry/cards and party areas are now the bedding and the bath departments. According to the article about the store when it opened the pantry department carried items such as milk, cereal, and baby food. It also carried packaged deli meats, hot dogs and a small frozen section with meals and pizzas.

Signs on the wall for the former health and beauty departments.

 The books area is now luggage and the portrait studio is now a watch service area.

The clothing and shoes departments are the only part of the store that has remained mostly the same from the directory.

Here's some pictures of what former areas of the store may have looked like. These pictures weren't necessarily taken at the Las Vegas store but they were taken at ground up Sears Grand locations. They were not taken by Kmart World but were found in various old news articles.

Former pantry area
Former pantry area with dairy coolers.
Former cards, party, and books area
Former cd and dvd section of the electronics department.
Notice the Cafe/Bakery on the left side of the picture.
 There you have it the not so Grand Sears Grand in Las Vegas, NV! Here's the rest of the pictures that were taken on June 9, 2016-



  1. Like the way it looks from the inside.

  2. This Sears Grand could become the perfect Walmart store in the Las Vegas area!