July 9, 2016

Spotlight Revisited: Kmart - Rome, GA

Closing time...

Located at 102 Hicks Dr, Rome, GA 30161
It's time once again to revisit the Kmart located in Rome, GA, this is our third documented trip to the store on Kmart World. We visited it in 2008 when it was still a Super Kmart Center (the last remaining one in Georgia) and again in 2012 after it had been downsized to a regular Kmart store. Back in May 2016 it was announced by Sears Holdings that it would be one of several Kmart to close around the country despite it being one of Kmart's busier locations. When we were at the store it was about a month and a half away from closing and was well into it's store closing sale. There's not too much to add that we didn't already cover in our previous two posts of this store. Enjoy all of the pictures below, we even have some exclusive shots of the former grocery area that was walled off back in 2009 and hasn't been seen since!

Closing sale was well into effect.

They still had some live plants for sale.

Pharmacy labelscar, it closed right before the closing sale started.

VCR's? This sign dates back to about 20+ years ago.

Old auto center entrance on the right side.

Layaway area.

Can't figure out what this used to be!

Looking towards the old, closed off grocery area.

The hanging plastic curtain covering the old grocery area has been removed!

Newer grocery side displays.
Now to get to some really interesting pictures. They took down a part of the shelving that had been blocking the entire length of the former grocery area. The area was now open as a fixture, furniture and equipment sales area. We went into this area and got lots of great shots that you can see below. We were the only people in this area at the time which made it easier to get good pictures. Enjoy!

The opening in the shelving to get into the former grocery area.

Looking towards the former meat and seafood wall.

Former meat and seafood area.

Former fresh seafood counter.

The area where the faux wood flooring is the start of the former produce.

Looking towards the former dairy and bakery wall.

I believe this was previously the produce prep area.

Looking through an opening in the wall to the backroom area.

Former dairy and lunch meat area.

To the right was the bakery and then the deli past it.

Former bakery and deli

This would have been the grocery aisles.

This would have also been the grocery aisles.

Former K Cafe area.

This was the spot of the deli counter with hot food and lunch meat and cheeses.

Old blue light special signs!

Looking at the former deli.

Old grocery aisle signs.

Looking back towards the pharmacy.

K Express was already shut down for good.

The Floral department was in use up until the closing sale began.

Former Olan mills spot, you can still see the label scar on the wall.

There used to be more registers in this open area.

Game room was closed but still had all the games in it.

Area used to have more registers.

This store originally had 16 registers and now has 9.

The former Pharmacy, it was open up until the closing sale began.


  1. Thanks a whole lot, Eddie Lampert! Another Kmart, this one in Rome, GA, is transitioning from "The Saving Place" to "Closed for Business" because of YOU.

  2. As a matter of fact, I can imagine the Rome, GA Kmart playing "Nearer My God to Thee" on its intercom during its final days.

    On a side note: "Nearer My God to Thee" was the same exact final tune to be played in the Titanic as it sunk in 1912, resulting in one of the greatest maritime disasters ever to occur. I predict the song "Nearer My God to Thee" playing on the intercom will probably be the Rome, GA Kmart's swansong as well.