January 9, 2017

Spotlight: Kmart - Cornelia, GA

365 Habersham Village Circle Cornelia, GA 30531
Today we are touring the Kmart store located in Cornelia, GA, a small town in Northeast Georgia not far from the South Carolina line. Opening in 1985 this Kmart was located in a shopping center with a Revco drug store and a Winn-Dixie grocery store. Today the Revco is a Hibbett sports store and the Winn-Dixie is a Big Lots. This store is on the smaller side at 82,832 square feet. It used to feature a K Cafe and an Olan Mills portrait studio in store, and there is no former auto center space. Unfortunately this Kmart is one of very few locations left in the state of Georgia and the only location in the Northeast Georgia region.

Current shopping center layout and tenant list.

Former Olan Mills portrait studio.

Former K Cafe area.

This Kmart is a prime example of why the company is in a free fall to extinction. The pictures don't do the store justice on just how messy the store was, in addition the shelves in many places were very bare looking. It also features the normal Kmart store staples such as mismatch colored floor tiles, dirty ceiling tiles, and signage in wrong places. Another item of note is the garden center inside part and outside part was completely closed off and inaccessible to the public. Some garden center items had been moved into the store including bird feeders, plant pots, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Empty shelves in the automotive department.

Messy shelves, random items sitting everywhere.

Mismatched floor tiles all over store.
Inside and outside garden center completely closed off.
One cool find at this Kmart was a very vintage Kmart stock cart sitting right outside of the entrance doors to the store. It is definitely original to the store from when it opened in 1985 with the old pre-1990 Kmart logo.

Stock cart original to the store opening in 1985.
There you have it, that is about all that can be said for this 31 year old Kmart store. Judging by the up keep of the store and the lack of customer traffic, this store is likely to not make it past 2017. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and leave your comments on this store below.

Edit: A few days after we wrote this post, this store was announced to be one of 100 Kmart's to close by spring 2017. So our prediction of this store closing came true even sooner than we expected.


  1. You can add to your review as to how rude the employees and management are. And they never honor their sale prices even when the signs are posted. They aren't even honoring their percentages off for the store closing.

  2. I worked there! You can even see me in the service desk picture! I know the store wasn't perfect, but it was still a great place with great people! I loved working there and I was there until the doors were shut for good. I know most people didn't like it, but what were we supposed to do to help an already failing store/company?! We did our best and enjoyed every moment of it! I love my Kmart and my Kmart family!!! #attentionkmartshoppers

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